After 24 years as a Real Estate Broker,

my face may have changed, but my

service & knowledge only gets better!

2012 Dependable & Reliable...
and so is the dog!

2007 Shopping for a Realtor?
Please call Fred!



2003 "Signs" of a hot Realtor.
Call the guy on the run!

1999 When buying or selling your home
becomes your cup of tea, please call Fred!


1996 Looking for your dream home?...

Rollie-Pollie (and I do mean the dog)

found his and so can you!!

1993 Fred Lettenberger -Realtor. 

OUTSTANDING in his field!


1990 Thinking of selling your home?...

Call Fred and he'll get right on it!

1987 Integrity, Virtue and Hard Work...My Trademark!